The world's largest mobile coffee franchise provides opportunity and support for entrepreneurs who deliver fresh espresso coffee and great food.

Workplace Delivery


Get great coffee delivered to you at work… everyday! 

  • Cafe2U will deliver fresh espresso coffee and great food to you at work, everyday;
  • Come to locations not serviced by traditional outlets;
  • Charge competitive café prices;
  • Are driven by professional baristas, who are trained in Safe Food Handling (HACCP), meaning safe, reliable and professional service.

C2UCup Couple 2000X1000

Coffee Shout

To thank your customers for their business or to thank your staff for a job well done, how about shout them all a freshly-made espresso coffee? Our mobile coffee vans will arrive at the agreed time, pop the boot and make everyone their favourite cuppa. We can even provide a yummy cookie or freshly-baked muffin to top it all off

  • A unique corporate gift that’s super easy to organize.
  • You can join your customers for a relaxed, personal way to reconnect with them.
  • Build team morale by allowing everyone to down tools and enjoy a coffee and a chat with their colleagues

The availability of this service is restricted to the areas that we have franchise outlets.

At Events

We take care of fresh espresso coffee and great food so you can take care of your event.

Café2u happily offers coffee vans for hire to cater your sporting or community event and corporate or private events. Café2u mobile coffee vans charge competitive café prices and there is no cost incurred (to you) by inquiring.

Café2u operators are professional baristas, who are uniformed and trained in Safe Food Handling (HACCP). This means, reliable and professional service for both you and your customers.

We recommend that you provide us with a minimum of two weeks lead time to ensure that we provide the best service for you.


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